Ponytail Hairstyles

15 Cute and Easy Ponytail Hairstyles


If you are in a hurry or like a simple, yet polished look, think about a ponytail. Great thing about them is you can go with any kind of style you want. There are a lot of ponytail hairstyles and some of them you know about. Maybe there are some you haven’t seen yet, but now you have the opportunity. Ponytails are easy to make and they don’t take too much of your time. You can do them by yourself, at home. Even if you have short hair, don’t get down. There are many cool ponytails for short hair that are usually made with long hair.

Low and Full

If you are going for more of a dramatic look, full pony is perfect. You can look bold with just a ponytail.

Polished Pony

Do you love a sleek look? If you do, try this polished hairstyle. It is semi-loose and so cute.

Sleek and Low Pony

There is one word to describe this look, and it is – glam. Sleek and low pony is the proof you can look gorgeous with a little effort.

Bubble Pony

Many women don’t even want to try make this. They think it is really hard and only hairdresser can do it. Don’t fool yourself and show of your new, different pony.

Sky-High Pony

Get those hair out of your face by making a high, really high ponytail. Besides that, this hairstyle will put focus on your face.

Wave Pony

Waves look natural and elegant, so why not put those waves in a pony. This is such a stylish look.

Really High Pony

If you know who is Ariana Grande, you know the hairstyle we our talking about. It’s her symbolic look and it look amazing.

Classic Pony

If it’s classic, it can’t look bad. Classic hairstyles are nature-looking and that’s what adds sophistication. We have an idea how to make it suitable for a special event. Straight your hair, it needs to be as straight as possible. After that, add some shine to your hair. You can do that with hair oil.

Curly Pony

Pony doesn’t have to be straight, who said that? As you saw previously, you can combine it with wavy hair, but if you won’t to go bigger, curl your hair. It looks the best if you tie the hair into a high ponytail. You can go lower if you like it that way, your choice.

Twisted Side Pony

If you want simple and classy, go for this one. It looks so chic and hard to make, but actually, it’s not. Practice it a few times and you will get the hang of it. Now you have the perfect hairstyle for a fancy dinner.


It doesn’t require much effort, which is surprising since it looks so chic.

Double Trouble

We think the name says it, pretty much, all.

Three-Part Pony

Look elegant and bold at the same time with the help of this hairstyle.

Messy Pony

There are many who love natural look, like they didn’t try at all. This is our choice for people like that because it will still give them an attractive look.


Make a low, curly pony and pull the strains of your hair that go into your face in two parts.

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