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18 Pretty Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair


Hey gals, are you in possession of wonderful and curly hair? Do you sometimes feel like there is no solution for what you have to deal with? Maybe you think that no one can help you with your hair and that you are left to struggle with the same old solutions over and over again. That is not the case and here are some cool examples of what you can do.

Half-Up Curly Twist

You use your own hair to tie the rest of it and make it look like some sort of giant ponytail, with the right treatment it can look elegant.

Curly Waterfall Braid

You can make your hair look like a sea of waves that gently glide one over the other. This is how you will look with this solution.

Twisted Curly Bun

This is an old-school hairstyle but it is still effective and elegant as it was when it first came to be used. The hair is kept long but neatly tucked so it does not bother you over the day.

Loose Braided Updo

If you wear your hair like this you will look like a model from some classical painting by a Parisian master. This style will make you have and composed jet relaxed look.

Braided Headband

Simple and easy to do, you can have it up in a few minutes and it will last you through the day looking smart and ready for action.

Curly Ponytail

This is a gentle look for the right type of girl and if you think you can make it happen then you will have it on you in a few seconds.

Gelled Wrap-Around Braids

Similar to a bun, this hairstyle will be neat and it will leave you mobile and dry all through the day.

Layered Low Bun

Somewhat more complicated because you have to combine more brides in the right way, but if you have the patience you will have a unique due.

Soft Bun

Nice and easy, this is the perfect solution for shiny and pleasant personalities.

Side-Wrap Braid

This solution will go around your head giving an effect of a wonderful stream of shining water that flows over your shoulder. The most elegant solution for balls and similar occasions.

Braided High Bun

This is something that you can do by yourself even though you have to do some braiding the entire combination is practical and elegant at the same time.

Pinned-Back Half Updo

Take your hair and clear your face from it, by placing it neatly in a sort of bun behind your head. Just don’t make it into on but tie the hair together in staid.

Messy Bun

This is a casual version of a well-known and loved solution.

Headband Braids

Make strong braids and use them to catch the rest of your hair and shape it.

Curly Twist

Three layers seamlessly dropping into one single construction, it is present and stylish.

Side Braided Bun

Keeps the hair nice and packed.

Curly Hair Waterfall Braid

For the rocker chick that likes her personality to be out there.

Voluminous Chignon

You might need some help to do this, but the end product is worth the effort.

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