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Five-Second Hairstyles


Mornings are always busy and women are finding new ways to do their hair as fast as possible. You can’t spend an hour or two on just the hair, nobody has time for that. Besides the lack of time, many women don’t like to bother with hair that much, but they still want to look nice and tidy. We understand that completely, and that is why we thought about easy hairstyles that you can do at home. They are classy and beautiful. It is a lie that, in order to look gorgeous, you need to spend a lot of time. There are simple ways to speed up the process and look like a natural beauty. Some of these hairstyles can look like ones from the salon. Let’s see our easy, quick and complimenting hairstyles that you’ll love.

No-fuss Waves

You don’t need to curl your hair to get waves, not at all. All you have to do is braid your hair the night before, add some stylish cream if you wish and that’s it. When you get up in the morning, comb your hair with fingers. What you did is comb your hair like every other morning, but this time you got a fresh looking hairstyle.

Effortless Bun

Buns are such a classy and timeless hairstyle. They look so sophisticated, and yet you made them in a second. There are a lot of types of buns and some need extra work, but not this one. It is a five-minute work or less, but the result is elegance. Make a ponytail, pull it back, twist it and wrap it around. You can braid a part of the hair and wrap it too. As you can see, it is super fast and super simple.

Savvy Hair Accessory

Hair accessories and headbands are a great way to cover anything bad on your hair. You don’t need to style your hair, just put a headband. That’s few second of your time, but it will look like you put some effort. You can add accessories on a bun or a ponytail as well. Combine it with various hairstyles and get different a look every time.

Loose Side Braid

Braids are a great way to make your hair cute. There is no limit when it comes to braids, you can make any kind of hairstyle. They are really popular nowadays and everybody has worn them. Our choice for you is loose side braid. It kind of looks effortless, but adorable. Braid the hair on one side and make it seem messier. You spent almost no time at all and got a beautiful, girly hairstyle.

Low Pony

Ponytails are sometimes perceived as boring and dull. That is such a waste of this hairstyle potential. You don’t have to tie a ponytail like always, in a basic way. There are ways to make it look attractive and adult. Low pony is one of the hairstyles that can make you look elegant and polished. With a little bit of make-up, you can wear this to a night out. Another good thing about low pony is it will stay in a place no matter how much you run around.

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