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Every season there is something new on the hair stile market and there is no difference in that regard to this year. No one really knows how the trends change. Sometimes it is an inspiring brake through that a famous person makes when they are on the red carpet or another event, other times it is an innovative solution by a hair designer. Whatever the reason we can always expect something new to pop up, and something old to get a new look.

This season is seeing a change for woman’s hairstyles. We can expect a lot of girls very short haircut all around. But is this the solution for you? Can you pull off this look? Or are you for something more conventional?

What one chooses to do with their hair can have two different aspects. The decision can be based on esthetic needs and it can be based on the need to represent one’s own personality. Hence so many different types of hairstyles in the world and in our everyday surroundings.

Why Short Hair?

There is an interesting history to why a woman wears short hair and most of us will not think about those things when you take a look at some woman when she shortens her hair. The fact is short hair started off as a feminist statement that no longer sought to create a feminine image of a woman but tried to find out new ways to represent themselves.

Long hair is hard to maintain and it is usually associated with classical Venus stile beauty, but the new woman wants something modern and easy to take care of. Something that will give her a self-confident and laid-back look.

The Stiles

Until now we have been talking only about really short hair, like the one Anne Lenox wears. This is a style that will stand out and if you take some intense color the entire package will look superb. This is a sort of futuristic metallic shining stile and if you are that type of person it is excellent for you.

The other solution for short hair is something on the line of what Anna Wintour has. Now, this is short but it is still elegant and feminine. The hair is dynamic, it is sharp and it shines making it a steady favorite of a lot of women. Especially because it frames your head in a specific way that a lot of people like. This hairstyle is somewhat in between long and short hair but it is treated as short hair due because the hair is shorter than the position of your chin.

Is it for you?

Well, that is up to you and your hairdresser to decide, maybe you do not have the features to pull it off. Maybe you do not know which one to choose, the fact is you just have to keep looking around until you find the best solution for you. Or just make an experiment and look try it out.

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