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Simple and Classy Hairstyles for Long Hair


When you think of long and healthy hair, you think about a woman. If you are a lover of long hair and its hairstyles, check this out. We will list some of the hairstyles for long hair which are simply gorgeous. There is so much you can do, no matter if your hair is straight, wavy or curly. With longer hair, you have more material to experiment – the sky is your limit. There are beautiful hairstyles for every type of hair and for every woman. Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Enjoy this list full of style, elegance and beauty.

Chick Pulled Back Half-Updo

This look is like a chameleon, you can wear it anywhere and it will be fitting for the situation. It is a fancy look for a night out, but it can be worn to work as well. Great thing is that you can make this hairstyle by yourself, at home. It doesn’t take much time either. Besides these pros, there are three more. You don’t have to think about hair falling in your face. Secondly, you can add big earrings since this look will enhance them. They are a great combo. Last but not least, it will frame your face.

Classy Golden Waves

Waves are such classy and feminine style. When combined with golden highlight, long waves are a breathtaking look. For this hairstyle, you should have thick hair for the best effect. If you are lucky and have thick hair, don’t miss an opportunity to try this. Waves look great on any other color. You are not limited to one. Dark or blonde wavy hair is gorgeous as well. Experiment with highlights, change your hair color and style it again with beautiful waves. Take advantage of your long and thick hair.

Long Side Pony

Ponytails go great with long hair. You can make any kind ponytail you want and show off your length. This one goes to the side. It is a simple hairstyle that is classy and natural-looking. You can style it as you like. Add volume on the top of your head and make it even fancier.

Crown Braid Princess

This look reminds of a little girl hairstyle, but it is popular among adults and celebrities as well. Braids are always go-to hairstyles and they are perfect for any event. You can wear it as day-time look and at night. It goes best with wavy hair, so make those beautiful waves and combine them with this cute braid. If you make your hair look like that, you got yourself a perfect look for a festival. So, if you were thinking about a festival hairstyle, this is a great idea. You’re welcome.

Easy Bedhead Look

If you want an easy and super fast look, this is the one for you. It literally doesn’t take more than a few seconds to create this hairstyle. All you have to do is get up from the bed and slightly smooth down your hair. You don’t always have to look on point and work on your hair for a certain amount of time. You can look chick and bold with this kind of hairstyle. As long as you have the confidence, you can pull out any hairstyle you want.

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