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Very Short Haircuts for Women


Hey everyone, are you looking for new solutions for your haircut? Are you bored with the same old routine you have been getting? Do you want something new and radical?

The world is a stage, some people will say and as it is so there is no need to wear a boring costume all the time you are on it. What you can do is make exiting changes to your appearance that will make you go around with a flair in your walk.

Consider making your hair cut very short and wearing it like that. Do you think that it all falls down to one solution? Just keeping it short. That’s not the case, you have plenty of options to choose from and they are made to suit different personality types.

Why Short?

The trend of a woman having short hair is relatively new in comparison with the conventional long hair solutions that are in place for millennia. The thing is that short hair is usually associated with men, so until certain social changes occurred the gender division of hairstyles was pretty strict. It was even considered as a type of punishment, to cut off a woman’s hair.

No wonder it took so long for the trend to catch on but when it did it never ceased to be popular. The thing is you get a functional solution for your hair, your head is not so warm, you do not have to spend so much time caring for it and it is also a statement of your personality. Some will say an emancipatory act for equality.

Having that in mind lets move on to some other aspects in this inspiring topic. Let’s take a look at some of the different solutions for making your hair short.

What Can I do?

The first and most easy solution for you, if you want to keep your hair short, is to go to a hairdresser and just tell them to cut your hair. Nothing extra, the basic shortening until you have the desired size. This is excellent if you want to make an experiment, to see how it looks and what it will do to your complexion.

You can also have a sharp and short hairstyle with a lot of edges that come at uneven angels and give your hair a layered look. You can color them in different tones or just the edges and give your look some extra flair.

The third solution is to keep your hair long enough to cover your ears and cheeks, that way you still get the effect of a short hairstyle but you have more to work with in terms of length and shape. This solution can be worked over in different ways and it is best to see with a professional what shape best fits your head.

The last and most extreme version is to go completely bold and let your hair grow out and then form it and play around with it. This is considered radical for most people, but it does not mean that it cannot look good and leave an effect.

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